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The Office of the University Registrar is a great resource for students, faculty, and staff. As part of our business processes, we maintain a number of calendars, videos, and forms that have been designed to help accomplishment of a variety of tasks. Please take advantage of the wealth of information available in the resources area of our website. If you need additional one-on-one attention or just want to hear a friendly voice, please contact the specific area where you feel your question can best be answered.


The Office of the University Registrar makes a number of announcements that affect students, faculty, and staff in a number of different ways. Click on this link or follow us on twitter to hear all we have to say!!!


The Office of the University Registrar serves as the functional leader for the Student Records module within PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. We're always looking for ways to improve the PeopleSoft user experience, so if you have any suggestions, please tweet about them!

Office Initiatives

The Office of the University Registrar welcomes the opportunity to get involved in charity and sustainability initiatives whenever possible. We also are in constant pursuit of ways to improve the PeopleSoft Student Records module experience for our student, faculty, and staff.


Dates and times, dates and times... Check out our calendars to help schedule your dealings with the University and especially our office...


Although we are desperately trying to reduce the amount of forms and reports that we need to support business operations, it's a long and detailed road. Check out our reports/forms area to get to the forms and reports that you may need...


The Office of the University Registrar is constantly publishing training material surrounding PeopleSoft Student Records functionality. We also publish training material for some of the other systems that we support...


Who doesn't like a good FAQ!!! Check out our FAQs that we have constructed to hopefully answer any questions that you may have regarding some of the functions within our office...

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