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Office Initiatives

The Office of the University Registrar welcomes the opportunity to get involved in charity and sustainability initiatives whenever possible. We also are in constant pursuit of ways to improve the PeopleSoft Student Records module experience for our students, faculty, and staff. Below is a list of the office initiatives/projects we are currently supporting.

 Schedule Planner

Schedule Planner is a class scheduling tool that will provide students with an enhanced registration experience by helping to automate and simplify the schedule generation process. With this tool, students can load courses that they need to take into their Schedule Planner and generate all possible schedule combinations based on their course selections. Students can narrow down the results by using filters or by adding custom breaks to schedule around obligations such as work, sports, or personal time.

 Academic Record - Student Center View

Generate your Academic Record directly from PeopleSoft! The PeopleSoft Student Center and Advisor Center have been reconfigured so that a pdf version of a student's Academic Record can be generated. The process is simple!

 Advising Notes

Advising Notes is a PeopleSoft feature that allows advisors to record notes about their interactions with students when providing important information regarding discussions, decisions, and plans. Advisors can create notes with related comments, attachments, and action items. Advising Notes move with the student from one advisor to another advisor.

 Academic Advising Report (AAR)

The Academic Advisement Report (AAR) is an interactive graduation audit tool that helps students see their progress towards graduation. The AAR showing courses that a student has taken and which are still required. Additionally, the AAR allows for students to select courses that are needed for their degree and either add them to the Shopping Cart or My Planner.

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