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Searching for Courses

The Course Descriptions webpage at courses.as.pitt.edu is no longer being maintained, however you can use PeopleSoft to search for classes that fulfill your preferences and requirements in many of the same ways.


Searching by Requirements

  1. In PeopleSoft, go to self -service and navigate to your Student Center, then, click the Enroll option under Academics to begin searching for classes.

  2. On the enroll tab, select the “My Requirements” option and click search. This will allow you to search for classes that are specific to requirements you need for graduation.

  3. On the Search by my Requirements page, select the “Show Requirement Details” option to show which of your requirements are currently satisfied and which are still unsatisfied.

  4. If satisfied, each requirement tab (when opened) will show which course was used to satisfy the requirement. If a requirement is not satisfied, all of the courses in the selected term that satisfy the requirement will be listed. From here you can click the title of a class to see the description and meeting pattern of each available section.

  5. The Class detail will show the description of a class, course information, and any notes from the department, in addition to the times the course is offered.

  6. If you scroll to the bottom of the screen on the class detail page, you will see the sections that are being offered in the selected semester. If the class section fits your schedule you can select the course by clicking the word ‘Select’.

  7. Once you select the course, you will be taken to the “Add classes” function. You can enter a permission number if needed, or select to be put on the waitlist if the class is full. Then click “Next” to add the class to your shopping cart.

  8. The course will then be added to your shopping cart. From there the process is the same as typical enrollment and you should be able to add the class.